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Learn to Sea Kayak Better - 2 days

More days on the water visiting more beautiful places improving your kayak handling skills, and more opportunities to see wildlife e.g. dolphins, otters, killer whales(very opimistically), golden eagles and sea eagles. This can also be day 3 & 4 of a longer course. So its ideal if you have done only our sea kayak intro 2 day before.

  • Course Start 9.30am.
  • Meet Sea Kayak Oban 6/8 Argyll St, Oban PA34 5SG (5mins from the train & ferries) 50 metres from the water.  Please arrive with your lunch.
  • Select the sea kayak of your choice from our very varied fleet and then head out for a day trip with a bit of moving water or choppy conditions
  • Relaxed lunch beside the water looking at maps and tide tables and other info to help with more advanced trip planning. We can also discuss the BCU star awards and how they fit in to your skills development.
  • Continuing skills development as we continue on our day trip. Exactly what we cover will depend on the weather conditions. 
  • We usually finish on the water approx 4.30pm and then decide where to go the next day.

Day 2.

  • Trip planning session looking what to do if everything doesnt work out the way it planned 
  • head off for another day trip but bring a change of clothing if you would like to actively participate in a rescue session at the end of the day. NB early season we provide drysuits free of charge.
  • Its worth taking the opportunity to try out any different kayaks or paddles or other equipment on this last day to make sure you get the most out of the opportunity.
  • As part of the day trip we look at more difficult get in and get out points have a good look at the emergency gear we carry, perhaps some rock hopping and easy surfing. 
  • Rescue session including self rescues & t rescues just before we finish on the water. 
  • discuss the options for after the course including other courses or holidays, star award assessments, sea kayak rental from "sea kayak oban" .

Inevitably the programme will vary to suit the weather and sea conditions and the needs and wants of the participants.


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