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Improver Week - develop your skills after the Intro Week

The course will vary with conditions and participants but will include:

  • Planning and Navigation
  • Weather
  • Anticipating potential problems
  • Problem solving, including rescues

Plus the content of the 2-3 day Tide, Wind and Waves course:

  • Learning to cope in tide races and stronger winds and bigger waves
  • More efficient paddling technique
  • Turning your kayak in strong winds
  • Surfing waves and leaving and landing on beaches in more difficult conditions

At the end of this 2nd week Sea Kayaking Course you will feel fitter and stronger and probably keen to buy your own sea kayak or at least go out with others of similar ability.

Most of the 5 or 6 day courses have 2 or 3 nights out camping. Let us know if you want more, less or none. (for a 5 day course this is usually the wednesday & thursday nights)

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