National Kayak


Tideraces, Rolling & Rescues - Improver plus level

2 Day Course

This is aimed at people who have Sea Kayaked quite a bit but are wary of Tideraces but would like to navigate them safely without being intimidated.  Inevitably you may well be able to roll in a swimming pool but your roll probably isnt very reliable on rough water or even when you capsize accidentally at any time. Similarly the course will show you how to rescue others more smoothly & be rescued yourself  more smoothly.

We can cautiously take a look at the tideraces and how to either paddle down the middle or sneak around the side & if need be help with predictions from tide tables & pilots. We can also show you how to choose a good line through more turbulent water. Its worth having a dry suit or at least a wetsuit with dry cag. Let us know well in advance & we can supply the latter. NB Sea Kayak Oban  where we meet has a range of Sea Kayak clothing including drysuits by Kokotat & the latest innovative design from Peak.

Free demo Sea kayaks by Valley, Northshore, P&H and Zegul  are available but its best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.    

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