National Kayak


Tideraces Intermediate & Advanced

This course is designed to help you play in the Tideraces. It would be good if you had a roll of some description and a little previous surfing experience.
We have a wide variety of suitable sea kayaks, including the Northshore Ocean, Valley Gemini & P&H Delphin. We will visit the Falls of Lora and the Grey Dogs and include some fun rock hopping.
The first morning we meet in Sea Kayak Oban to get you kitted out for the day.
The next two days are spent  exploring our local Tideraces. NB because of tide times it may mean late finishes or early starts. Some people prefer to stay down at Easdale or Seil island with its stunning views out to the Garvellachs and means no drive for the put in for the Grey Dogs.
The course tends to be run when its spring tides in order to give us the best chance of good conditions.
NB we have available the latest and greatest playful kayaks for you to Demo from our shop Sea Kayak Oban as part of the course.


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