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Sea Kayak Rental

Our Sea Kayak Rental service is available for those who have sufficient experience and ability to venture out independently. In addition to high quality, well-maintained kayaks from top manufacturers, we can also supply you with paddles, clothing, drysuits, buoyancy aids, spraydecks and camping equipment.

Oban is superbly situated, accessible by train or bus, and serving as a gateway to the Hebrides via numerous ferries. The coastline on our doorstep is stunning, and you can simply paddle right out of the harbour and within an hour be at an idyllic island campsite. We are based at Sea Kayak Oban on the waterfront in the centre of town.

At busy times all the kayaks will be out so its worth while booking well in advance where possible. Rentals will be paid for at the time of booking.

 All our prices can be found at Sea Kayak Oban. If you wish to book or for specific details of the equipment available please email us

Conditions of Hire

1. The hirer is responsible at all times for their actions when using or transporting the hired equipment. This includes but is not limited to:
- ensuring equipment is safely and legally secured if being transported by vehicle;
- ensuring compliance with all laws, regulations and guidance when accessing or operating on the water;
- ensuring conditions are and will remain suitable for them and their party to safely use the hired equipment for the duration of their time on the water;
- ensuring they and other members of their group are suitably equipped and experienced for the activity they intend to undertake with the hired equipment.

2. The National Kayak School carries out regular checks and maintenance on all equipment. However its is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the equipment hired is safe for use before launching.

3. Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when on the water using National Kayak School equipment.

4. The National Kayak School reserves the right to request evidence of the hirer’s experience, in the form of National Governing Body certification. The National Kayak School reserves the right to reject evidence as insufficient if the qualification is not known to them, is not of sufficient standard, or is not internationally recognised.

5. The National Kayak School reserves the right to refuse hire to any person they believe may not be experienced enough to use the equipment safely. Should the hire have been pre-paid, a full refund will be offered on all equipment refused for hire for this reason. No refund will be offered if hire is refused due to the hirer being intoxicated.

6. The hirer is responsible for any loss of or damage to the equipment while in their care, howsoever caused. The hirer is also responsible for any damage caused to the property of others by their use of the equipment.

7. Late return of equipment will be charged at £30 per hour or part thereof. A credit or debit card must be left as deposit with the National Kayak School for the duration of the hire. No discount will be given for early return of the equipment. On multi-day hires no discount will be given for days when the equipment is not used.

8. Should weather conditions on the day of hire be such that no water-based activity is possible, the National Kayak School reserves the right to refuse all single-day or hourly hires. Any pre-paid hires of this type will be fully refunded, or rescheduled if possible. This does not apply to multi-day hires, unless the adverse conditions are set to remain for the full duration of the hire.

9. The hirer must leave details of their intended journey / destination with the National Kayak School. The National Kayak School does not however undertake responsibility for notifying emergency services in case of late return.

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