Explore Perthshire Lochs In Touring kayaks

This is great as an intro to sea kayaking amid the beautiful scenery of Highland Perthshire in its stunning Autumn colours or Spring time with snow capped peaks.
We use stable touring/ sea kayaks to visit the most beautiful of the lochs and give a great introduction to Sea Kayaking along the way.
We meet at 9.30am at our self-catering cottages in Sunny Weem just across the valley from Aberfeldy. Bring lunch and warm clothes and a hot drink and we will be out until about 4pm. This is also a great opportunity to demo some of the huge range of sea kayaks in our fleet. 
NB there is a wide range of accommodation in the area and we also make rooms available in our self -catering cottages. Please check out the booking forms on our contact page for more details of what to wear.
Often people use this as a romantic getaway  & we can recommend some great accommodations.

Any trip to Aberfeldy cannot be complete without a visit to Aberfeldy Watermill awarded Best Independent Bookshop in the UK and a great coffee shop.